Say What?

In Mid November, a 9-year old boy swam from Alcatraz Island to the safety of the San Francisco shore. He made this journey through the shark infested water completely unharmed in just 41 minutes!

I think that this was a one in a life time event, and that this will probably never happen again. It’s the currents that makes it the most dangerous. I wouldn’t even try this if I had the chance, mostly because I’m not a good swimmer. Would you do this if you had the chance?

This is a picture of him.boy_11-18-10

Blogging Contest

We can choose from five topics, and number five was what ever you want it to be. So, time to talk about my cat. As you know, my cat is fat, but now only weighs 18 lbs. She likes to eat dog food. She liked to eat the catnip we had, but she destroyed it in just two days. She likes to tear open the cat food bag, so we put it in a container, and put a lid on it. She will open it and get to the food anyway, so we put the cat food bag on it. I have a fish, and it has lived for almost eleven months! I am amazed because the others all died before April. My dog is getting hyper because she knows that it should snow soon. She loves the snow, but I hate having to get the ice of the cement in the backyard, but I try to have fun while doing it. My dog likes to eat grass. About half of what she eats is grass. I remember the rabbit my brother had. It was very fun to play with. My other brother liked to pretend that the bunny’s ears were plane wings. Ah…those were good times.

Also, has anyone noticed the stuff at the bottom of my website?


We are suppose to make a post about how we changed our Facebook, but I don’t have one. I don’t have one because almost every one in the world (who has a computer) can se what you type. They can see you networks, wallpapers, photos, likes, your name, pictures, your gender, profile data, and your friends. That is a lot of stuff that every one can see. I wouldn’t like to let people see my friends, or any photos of me, as they might end up stalking me. So…have fun with your Facebook.

Internet Safty

How can you be internet safe? First of all, close any popups, as these allow people to put software on your computer, which allows them to take your personal information, or something like that. Report cyber bullying. People like to bully people because it makes them feel better. People on computers are more likely to bully then to do it face-to-face. Go to appropriate websites. Don’t go somewhere where you shouldn’t. There could be a lot of swears, and maybe some…uh…let’s just say bad pictures. Listen to your parents. They have many tips about which websites are better to go to. Now, go have some fun, but be safe.

A Digital Footprint

What is a digital footprint? It is how people see you on the internet. It includes sites such as Facebook, Myspace, and Google. If you have a picture that you wouldn’t like an employer to see, don’t put it up! If you have a blog, Facebook, or Myspace, you should make sure that it includes mostly important things, and it should also have good spelling and grammar.


Wanna hear what my five favorite movies, and the five movies that I didn’t like the most? No? Well, to bad. Number 1: Shrek 4. This movie is a funny movie. If you’ve seen either 2 or 3, then you know who the cat is. (Can’t remember the name) In this one, he is very, very fat. He looks a lot like my cat. Near the end of the movie, he eats gingy. He then says, “What? Were you going to eat that?” That was one of the funniest parts of the movie. So was the…um…I forgot what it was called. Oh well, next. Number 2: SpaceBalls. This is a parody of both Star Wars, and Star Trek. Lone Star,(Han Solo) and his mog, Barf(Mog=half dog, half man;chewbacka), Have to stop the SpaceBalls from taking all the air from planet Druidia. They also have to save the princess, Vespa, to be able to have enough money to pay Pizza the Hut. (Jabba) One of the funniest parts is when the president of SpaceBall City goes through the tele-porter, and on the other side, his head is on backwards. He goes back through, and his head is on normally again. He says that he doesn’t want to get teleported again, so he walks to the room, which is right next to him. If you ever get the chance, watch this movie. Ok, one to number 3: uh…um….Harry Potter and the half-blood prince? It’s a good movie. Blah, blah, blah, they get on the train, blah, blah, blah, more stuff, blah, blah, blah, they go to potions class, and Harry get’s liquid luck, blah, blah, blah, more stuff happens, blah, blah, blah, and then the end happens. It was ok. Number 4: Night at the Museum. It was funny, but after the first time, it’s not that funny anymore. The stuff in there comes to life every night. A special tablet makes it happen. Number 5: The lightning Thief. The movie was good, but was quite different form the book. They don’t go to the Arch in St. Louis. It had a few funny spots, but nothing to funny. Ok, time for the next set of five, my five lest favorite movies.

Number 1: Where the wild things Are. That movie was not good at all, half a star out of ten. Don’t watch thins movie, by any means necessary! Number 2: Eragon. This movie was very different from the book. In the book, the time span in it was about a month, and in the movie, it was three days. Not very good. Number 3: High School Musical. I hate singing and dancing. Number 4: Toy Story 2. It was much, much worse than the previous one, and I haven’t seen 3, so I guess this one gets the spot. The first was actually ok. Number 5: Snow White I didn’t care for it. It is a waste of time to watch. shrek_4spaceballs-right-nowharry-potter-actorsNight-At-The-Museum-2lightningthief1

Yet another post

We have to tell about a normal school day, so here it comes.

School starts at 8:05. I walk to school everyday, and I still will in the winter. Classes are about fifty minutes each. We got to choose which classes we want at the beginning of the year, but we don’t get to pick what classes we will have. We have many after school activities.

The game this week

Well, this was certainly not what I expected, but it is creative. Here are the blogs I commented on:;; and The comment on Amber’s was left on Hello World, Moran’s was one Come visit my blog, and the other Moran’s comment was on the life of Bruce. I chose these post because they were the only post that were on a blog roll, and a lot of people don’t have those yet.

Random side note: I found someone where it said they were from Teribithia. I thought that it was just in the book, Bridge to Teribithia.